51 marriage rush, rent wedding dress buy wedding dress

1, should not blindly worship in determining the bridal shop name brand stores.
information you take in the brand-name shops for wedding photos in your 2-3000 is already a very large item of expenditure, but with brand-name shops, this may be their cheapest packages in photography. Brand-name shops every day for at least a couple during the filming of the wedding of more than 10,000 yuan. If the guests are three, then you are but the last guest. Perhaps they are one of the most neglected customers.

2, after determining the wedding dress shop, then determine how much you want to spend the money, choose an appropriate set of shooting.
receptionist will give you a lot of favorable terms--no matter what day to photograph, bridal shop has a variety of promotions.
sure you want to do before the package, it is best to ask what you would like to book shoot sets of clothing optional areas where. A little wedding shop has a lot of beautiful wedding dresses, but sanliujiudeng, their posing store wedding dress is the most beautiful, but it's probably shot 10,000 yuan a set of wedding pictures to choose wedding dress. Do you want to choose alternative clothing range is what, it is best to first understand, look at this range, there is no love in style. If not, I suggest you change, or you in other regions to choose from plus money.
all set good zhihou, on selected good time (best is a clear of morning, because shooting will has int location, weather good is important, and time is long, best from morning began, or took to night, you will tired lying off)
3, and don't easily money in wedding shop beauty
head day night should in home do some beauty nursing, as mask, and eye posted,, to second days skin keep good of State.
shot the day after the cleanser carefully washed, emollient moisturizer on, then skin care cream. Because to bridal shops here has, however, store to buy these is not against your skin and all, will make you feel unhealthy, which affects mood.
Furthermore, the "yogurt beauty" and "rain day" two MM reminders, specifically add that makeup artists recommend makeup rub their skin care products, these products can be bargained.
"bottle" (instant beauty liquid) value, or a small jar of seventy or eighty, a photo shoot down at least four bottles. The money might as well buy a good skin care product, a good skin conditioner. And the kind of instant beauty fluid so obviously do not understand there is no side effects. Cosmetic Skin Conditioner good for their investment. Photo Studio is "once in a lifetime" mentality to death to make you money.

4, make-up is not satisfactory can be as heavy.
photos once in a lifetime, makeup artist perhaps chest piece "*** studios Chief makeup artist" sign, don't be intimidated by this, instead, a makeup artist you will find that everyone is Chief make-up artist.
makeup you may make your request before, wrong, then you can request a change of make-up artists.
If you, or your wife and my skin is OK, before you remember asking her Foundation as thin as possible.
in addition, remember to claim false eyelashes stick a layer would be nice, put up after two or three floors, I do not know his bride and groom is.

5, do not add money for fancy clothes, because what actually is about the same.
clothing guide will show you some very nice clothing, and then tell you, shot once in a lifetime, which brides want beautiful, do you think it took several pairs of today, in the clothes of the region selected ... ... and, of course, she'll tell you in the region selected clothing, are hundreds of Yuan. --Full gesture of a pair of those who are willing to take the bait.
not to go to other people how much it cost, clothing is not the most important, and each set of clothes they design the most suitable production of action.
wedding photos are the most important thing is people, good makeup, clothing is not very important.

However, you can try some high-end dresses of fare increases. Try is free! If you have the energy, you can try them all you like, Wow Kaka ~ ~ ~

6, do not add money to the extra photos.
is one of the most terrible expenditure last selected photo.
you this set of wedding photos taken in sleeve lady will tell you, for example, this set of wedding photos we'll help you take 200 to return 40 album. Other photos if you like you can add money to buy it. See, if one takes 40 to buy, 200-40=160, you have to spend of 6400 Yuan. The price you can do two or three sets of wedding photos


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