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marriage is a sweet thing, but marriage preparation is a frustrating job, wasting time, energy consumption, resources, consumption of brain ... ... Look around people who have complained have hard, couples is daunting! &Nbsp;

wedding how to select? What kind of bride holding flowers is most appropriate? When the wedding should pay attention to what issues? Wedding in order to prevent what? Don't worry! Today, this answer for couples, hoping both business advice and tips, can give people a helping hand! &Nbsp;

bride wedding  

on the wedding day, the bride is naturally the focus of the site as a whole, therefore, selecting a suitable wedding dress for the bride added a touch of bright color. &Nbsp;

-rent wedding   three months in advance;

new Shenyang today mainly to rent wedding dress, ranging in price from 200 Yuan to 2000 Yuan. &Nbsp;

one specializing in wedding dress rental business owner said, if you want to find your favorite style, wedding dress that suits their figure, still more than three months in advance, go to several, often, after all, you see, chances are someone will like. &Nbsp;

-  custom-made wedding dresses are not expensive;

reporters learned from the bridal shop in Shenyang, 2000 of prices can have a higher grade of dress, but no such store in Shenyang. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities, there have been some professional wedding dresses custom shop, prices generally range between 3000 to 5000 Yuan. In addition, there are many online bridal shop, through mail order, price is generally about 1000 to 3000 RMB. &Nbsp;

36 meters of wedding gown  

-beyond gorgeous ... ...  

gorgeous complicated dress may seem too grand, but also cover the bride's style. Bride wedding to pop the best taking the simple, tailored style. &Nbsp;

-outside the white ... ...  

selected wedding color, be sure to go with colour. Oriental colour yellow, wearing ivory suit, powder Orange, pink, green and yellow color to match. Select a powder blue, pink and purple are not so harmonious. &Nbsp;

the "acting is all window dressing"  

groom wear  

Although the wedding day the bride dress is the most crucial, but good things come in pairs, how can the groom on the wedding dress casually? &Nbsp;

at the wedding, the groom dress in selecting a suit can, but the selection must be focused on external modifications, such as cufflinks, tie accessories, leather goods and other details. In General, the groom dress in white, black, blue, and is solemn, gentle place. Best black shoes, bow tie or tie can match based on dress styles. &Nbsp;

wedding with  

bride and groom on their wedding day in addition to wear formal dress, also want to prepare several at the wedding dress, the bride usually dominated by shades of red, light green, dark purple, bright yellow alternative, groom in black, white, blue, and gray is the first choice. &Nbsp;

style, besides choosing outside the set, you can also select Chinese qipao, jacket, Shenyang has this type of clothing stores not only sell clothing, custom, prices range between 300 to 800 Yuan.


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