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How to budget your wedding budget is
the most important aspect to consider budget, wait until you are likely to find the wedding, wedding spending far more than their budget. Budget is not a synonym for mean, reasonable spending every penny is a kind of knowledge, which can reflect the wedding. Avoid exceeding the budget in several ways: avoid peak of marriage, choosing a non-wedding style wedding dress, choice seasonal and local produce of flowers and wedding decoration cost and so on. Married
to avoid peak
each year, almost 60% wedding set in May, October, new year's day. You can not at this time for weddings. If there are many new and competing for your hotel or a luxury car, which pushed up the prices of related products and services. You can adjust the time of the wedding, so as to get a better price and service. So, for example, the above peak periods hotels, service providers and suppliers are in the midst of a busy, avoid as much as possible at this stage to obtain desirable services and products.
Select a non-wedding style wedding dresses are not necessarily those of
wedding dress a look is to wear a white dress. Perhaps the most can make the color of the dress is not your wedding dress shop, but ladies dress shops, Department stores, and so on, but that doesn't hurt it's elegant or luxurious. Perhaps because this choice, will you be the most perfect, the most exquisite bride.
Select seasonal and locally produced flowers
If you select quarter and local flowers, you can get the most preferential prices. For example the traditional stars, carnation, narcissus, gladiolus is the best choice. Violets, daffodils and Tulips, spring is the most economical and best choice. Avoid use of roses and orchids, while easily available but expensive, this flower fragile and easy to damage, cause cannot be declined.
wedding decorations policy
guests may not notice those floral decoration to each seat, but they will pay attention to the wedding party, ceremony, dress and decoration of the reception range, and so on. At the start of the ceremony, you need to pay attention and ensure that the decoration to impress all the guests, perhaps on the wedding cake table decoration is extremely important; but the cake itself was also a focus of attracting their attention.

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